What are barrel horses? 

What are barrel horses? 

These are horses used for barrel racing. This is a game in which the horse and the rider compete with others in completing a certain pattern formed by preset barrels. Barrel racing game is a game majority for women; though at armature levels men can compete. Boys and girls can also engage in the game at youthful stage. The game depends on the skills of the rider in maneuvering the horse in the clover leaf pattern and the horse athletic skills. The game depends on time for the winner to emerge. The faster the rider and the horse maneuvering in the set barrel patterns, more likely are the chances for them to be declared winners. 

Ancient barrel racing Barrel horses where first used in the state of Texas for racing purposes. A group of women developed (WPRA) in 1948, they all come from Texas. The association con- sisted of 74 members only. It had only 60 approved tour event at that time.

 Modern barrel racing Timing is carried out using laser system or electric eye as the game is highly de- pends on time spend in completing the pattern. While beginning the race for the participants to emerge winners they have to enter the arena at high speed. When entering the arena the laser system is crossed by the rider and horse hence starts to count. The laser beam keeps on counting till the next crossing during completion of the race. Through these accurate timing are made. In modern racing the barrel horses used needs to be agile, strong, fast and intel- ligent to win. The horse has to be intelligent in such a way that it will follow com- mands of the rider easily and know when to make turns quickly when needed. 

Rules in barrel horse race 

1. The fastest maneuver wins the game. 

2. Running past or off the barrels leads to no time hence no win 

3. There is five seconds penalty in case a competitor knocks the barrels off. 

4. After time begins there is only 60 seconds to finish the race. 

5. Barrels used are always 55 gallon metal barrels which are enclosed on both ends; they must be of at least 2 colors. 

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