Riding Horses

Riding Horses 

 Horses are one of the friendliest animals on the planet and are owned by many people as pets. Horses and people have a very long history of working together so they share a very special bond. Before cars, horses where the main source of trans- portation that people used to get back and forth where ever they needed to travel. Horses would pull a family in a carriage are would wear a saddle and be ridden by one or two people.  Before heavy farming machinery horses were used to plow the fields for many of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Not only were they used to make everyday life eas- ier they were also a source of entertainment. 

Horse riding competitions used to be all the rage before TV, radio and video games. People would gather from all around to see whose horse was the fastest and even the prettiest. Today riding horses is still a big sport but lots of people do it just for fun. You can see horses at fairs in the circus and even in some people’s backyards. If you have an interest in riding horses and learning more about them ask a parent to look up a local ranch, farm are horse riding school to go and visit. Many farms, ranches and petting zoos allow the public to come in and get edu- cated on horses. You will be able to get an up close and personal experience with a horse by feeding, petting and even riding the horses. Like anything riding horses is something that you have to learn to do before you can be good at it. Working with someone that knows all about horses will help you learn everything you will need to know to become great rider and even how to care for them. Horses are just great animals to get to know and love. 

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