Race Horses

Race Horses 

History of horse races

 Racing horses is type of sport, which has a very long history. Records from archae- ologists show that horse racing took place in very old Greece, Syria, Babylon, as well as Egypt. Both chariots as well as mounted horse racing were games in the early Greek Olympics by the year 648 BC. Within the Roman Empire, mounted as well as chariot horse racing were the major activities in the industry. Purebred rac- ing was, and still is, well liked by the aristocrats as well as royal family of British society giving it the label “Sport of Kings.” The racing style the distances in addition to the kind of events differ considerably by the country whereby the race is taking place, and several countries have different kinds of horse racings. There exist three main categories of racing namely: flat rac- ing, steeple chasing (which is racing over jumps) in addition to harness racing, whereby horses trot or pace whereas pulling the driver in a bad temper as if it want to throw him or her down. The most important part of horse racing is the eco- nomic importance that is in the gambling related with it, whereby in 2008, it pro- duced a worldwide market valued roughly US$115 billion. A variety of horse racing types has given rise to various horse breeds that perform well in particular disciplines of every sport. Breeds, which can be used in flat rac- ing, are as follows: Thoroughbred Arabian, Quarter Horse, Paint, as well as Ap- paloosa. Steeple chasing breeds consist of the Thoroughbred as well as AQPS. Yoke racing is under control of Standard bred horses in New Zealand, Australia as well as North America, but a number of other breeds, for example the Russian Trotter as well as Finn horse, are found in Europe. Equestrian sports offered enter- tainment to the crowds as well as polished the excellent horsemanship, which was required in battle. 

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