Paint Horses 

Paint Horses 

 The paint horses are some of the most beautiful horses. This type of horse is the one that is solid white with large brown spots on it. Most the brown spots are across the paint horses back. This type of horse is most commonly seen in movies where an Indian rides them. Paint horses are beautiful and fun to watch. This type of horse is fun to watch given the fact it commonly has a free spirit. The Indians where known to ride paint horses because they believe they were free at heart. Horses are some of the most unique creatures here on earth. A horse can help you pull wagons, plow fields, and travel long distances that motor vehicles cannot. So not only are these animals amazing to look at and even own, they are truly one of the most valuable animals here on earth. Cows and other animals are all won- derful, but if you watch old westerns you will see how we even used horses to gath- er the cows.
Not all horses can share the same unique style as the paint horses, but all are just as beautiful. Just like dogs or cats the horse has many different breeds and kinds.   

The breeds can range from simple colors like black or white and its breed be un- known. Like a simple black puppy that you do not know what kind of dog it is. Or the breeds can be like the paint horses, quarter horses, or even a Clydesdale horse. There are so many different kinds of horses and each with their very own history, just like the paint horses. But we will always think of this horse for being the beau- tiful two colored horse the Indians rode. Paint horses have always been a favorite for actual paintings as well. 

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