Dressage Horses 

Dressage Horses 

 In French the word dressage means training. This means grooming and training of horse for taking part in competitions. Through this training the athletic skills of the horses are sharpen so that they can perform well. Dressage horses make the best use of their riding skills. These are different and can be distinguished from the other horses. They are trained to the physical ges- tures of their masters and understand their communication. Horses get a very pro- found effect of training. The riding styles of horses can be divided into two main types mainly the western and English styles. The western style riding being more famous in The United States of America. The saddle of western style is deeper and larger which is the preferred choice for chil- dren. Most children start by learning western riding which will help the children in understanding this sport better. This sport helps in the development of your child. One of the competitive horses riding technique is the dressage. Riders and horses moves together in a chain of technique and movement which is added together to make a workable test. 

Dressage horses can be divided into two mainly competitive and non-competitive. The former are a descendant of Europe. These horses are prohibited from wearing bangles, ribbons and other items of decoration. Dressage horses are preferred by the children as these horses teach the rider to be connected. Learning dressage provides more safety than any other style of riding. Dressage horses are the calmest of the other horses which is fun to learn riding on and it gives very little stress. Dressage horses teach balancing and relaxation not for themselves but also to their riders and it even promotes mental development. But caution should be taken along with selecting the perfect instructor who is caring in nature and teaches horse riding skills with much ease and patience.  

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