Breeds of Horses 

Breeds of Horses 

 There are many different breeds of horses and they each have their own unique job. There are some horses that are great at pulling heavy objects while other horses are really good at racing. Some horses are really good as pets that you can ride, but some prefer to be left alone to roam around the field within their herd. Every horse has its own personality, just like every person does, and learning what your horse likes will help you care for your horse even better.  

Each of the different breeds of horses has evolved from the same basic horse, which makes each of their unique abilities so interesting. Through changes each time a baby horse is born, horses have developed different looks and abilities. For example, look at the difference between the shapes of hooves from different breeds. Some horses have smaller hooves which help them run really fast, while others have really big hooves which help them stay steady even when pulling thebiggest of carts. There are many differences between the breeds of horses around today, including ears, shoulders, legs, height and weight. Some horses are full grown at only two feet high, such as miniature horses, while others can reach five feet high at their shoulders, which is where horses are measured from. No matter what types of horses you enjoy looking at or owning, each horse will be able to offer something that no other horse can. Learning about the different breeds of horses can be a lot of fun. If there is a spe- cific breed that you prefer or think is even more beautiful, then take the time to study what makes it different from other breeds. If you are lucky enough to have a horse for a pet, make sure you learn as much as you can about what breed it is so you can help care for it.  

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