Fantastic features in cats

As we have seen, cats are fascinating creatures and you may know a lot about them, but did you know they still have the ability to surprise us? Here are some intriguing details you may not know about these amazing felines. -Have you ever seen a cat drinking milk? The process is not as simple as you might think. First the cat touches the liquid with the tip of its tongue. Once the tongue makes contact with the surface, a column of milk stretches from one end to the other. The interesting thing is despite the effect of gravity and before the milk can slip back down into the dish, the cat snaps its mouth shut trapping the liquid in- side. -Cats can control your actions with a single cry. A study done in 2009 reveals how susceptible we are to the specific purr of our felines. Why? It turns out the fre- quency of the purr is something we can’t ignore. The sound is quite similar to the effect of a baby’s cry. Have you ever heard a baby crying and felt the need to re- spond right away? The purr of a cat provokes the same urge to act. -Cats have formidable kidneys that work much better than our own. Did you know cats can drink sea water to rehydrate if necessary? Can you drink sea water to quench your thirst? Neither can I! But a cat can do it. Isn’t that amazing? -Cat’s learn quickly! And you can teach them to use a litter box quite easily. First get 

your box ready. More than likely your cat will sniff around the object to see what you are doing. It’s their way of saying: Oh wow, something new to explore!. Then put your kitty in it. They might jump out, but if you repeat the process just a bit more, they will get the hang of it. You could also use their paw to scratch at the surface. Each step will teach your kitty exactly what they need to do, and soon you won’t have to teach them at all! A word to the wise: Some cats are not too easy to teach, so have a little patience, and your efforts will be rewarded. -Did you know a cat’s urine can glow? Yes it can! But you need a special light to see it called backlight or ultraviolet light. – Cats can survive a fall from a great height. Some have survived even though they fell from 32 stories to the concrete pavement below. -Cats love to sleep! Approximately 70% of its life is spent snoozing away. That’s a lot of sleeping don’t you think? – If you own a cat, you may live longer. Do you know why? It has been said their companionship reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. – Cats can make a lot of different sounds. In comparison to dogs cats can make about 100 different sounds, and dogs make around 10. – When a cat gets really upset you may hear a ferocious hiss or an angry growl. Per- haps at this moment it will be wise to let them calm down just a bit before you pet them! Cats are truly amazing creatures, but these are not the only fascinating features of cats. There is a lot more we can learn if we simply take the time to see… just how wonderful a cat can be! 

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