Writer of novel about dragons insists misogyny was traditionally correct

April 14, 2019

NEW YORK CITY – Robert L. Stonesmith, writer of the massively fashionable fantasy novel “The Fires of Ravensmoor”, took to Twitter yesterday to defend the e-book’s rampant sexism, stating that his story about two dragons on an epic quest to discover a magical speaking sword wanted it with a view to preserve an environment of historic accuracy.
“I’m uninterested in having to justify this,” Stonesmith tweeted in a thread that immediately went viral and put his e-book again on high of the New York Instances Bestseller listing. “My novel is about in a medieval world. Everybody is aware of that the most well-liked issues in medieval occasions have been rape, the fixed threats of rape, and tapestries of oddly-drawn stags. It’s simply the way in which issues have been.”
“I’ve written some amazingly well-rounded feminine characters,” he continued, placing a wink emoji after the phrase ‘rounded’, “but when the Elven Sorceress Tiranelle isn’t sexually harassed within the first 50 pages, persons are going to query my analysis.”
Followers have been fast to defend Stonesmith, with fellow Twitter consumer Ryan Inexperienced highlighting different methods the writer had efficiently established the interval.
“He’s simply being devoted to the time,” Inexperienced posted. “The e-book has taverns, knights, and kings; in fact it’s going to have some gender inequality. Positive, everybody has magical powers that would hypothetically rule out bodily violence ceaselessly, however clearly he’s made the choice that his magical society is the very same as ours in all of the ways in which suck for ladies. Cope with it!”
“I did assume it was odd that he selected to painting such a homogeneous inhabitants given the wealth of data we’ve on racial distribution within the Center Ages,” defined Marty Sheeling, professor of medieval historical past at New York College. “Nevertheless, I do commend Mr. Stonesmith on the accuracy of the all-female Dragon orgy. If he had gotten the physiology unsuitable, it will have taken me out of the story fully.”
Stonesmith was most not too long ago in talks to show the e-book right into a miniseries the place all the feminine characters, together with the Basilisks, get bare some level, as a result of girls have been typically bare in medieval occasions.

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